Howdy Gunslinger!

Defend your herd, barter for items, reach the final pasture, and become the most powerful gunslinger in the New West!

Wrangle your cows

GRAZER is a 3D Western shooter set in the near post-apocalyptic future. You play as an intrepid gunslinging rancher accompanied by your loyal herd of cattle as you venture across the barren outskirts of Nevada in search of a pasture fit for your herd to graze. But beware, the route you travel is riddled with vicious bandits who will hunt you tirelessly until they’ve stolen every single one of your cattle.

Ten years ago, a cataclysmic environmental disaster completely dismantled industrial agriculture in the United States. Without food to feed the masses, society didn’t take long to unravel. Violence and chaos ravaged

the country, leaving behind nothing but a husk. Livestock became one of the only dependable sources of food. Cattle in particular became incredibly valuable for food and for bartering. In this harsh new world, democracy is dead, and the only thing money is good for is wiping the blood off your hands.

The old pasture where you have been raising your herd has completely run out. You must find a new one. Legend has it that there is a giant, lush field of grass as far as the eye can see somewhere out in California, so it’s time that you headed West in search of greener pastures.


I am blown away by the level of creativity and talent displayed in this game.


Join the Herd

Want to meet the developers?

The developers will be hosting an after party at 10:00 p.m. on May 1, 2023.



The gameplay mechanics were intuitive and engaging, keeping me hooked for hours on end.


Lunge into bandits to knock them away or free your cow from their grasp!

When playing on a device with a keyboard, hit "O" and watch your cows dance.

Use the shotgun for short range scuffles and the revolver to put distance between you and the bandits!

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This game is only available on a
Windows desktop.